Do you work long hours? Commute long distances or have a busy lifestyle? Is your dog one of the family but you're not able to attend to them during the day?


run by pet parents for pet parents will be your dog's family while you are away or at work. 



our story

My Dog Spot is a team of dog lovers that are passionate about the health and happiness of pet dogs. We build long lasting, relationships with pets and their owners and dedicate every day to enriching the lives of our pet clients through positive reinforcement.


Are you feeling guilty about being at work all day? Wish your dog had something to do while you're out running errands or watching your child's soccer match? My Dog Spot is a team of dog lovers that are passionate about the health and happiness of pet dogs. We would love to entertain your pup while you can't.


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  • Keep their puppies on schedule and reinforce their commands and routines.
  • Eliminate the stress of having to rush home from work during lunch to let the dog out.
  • Relax and enjoy their vacations knowing that their home and pets are safe and secure with our professional services.
  • Stimulate exercise and heart health so their dogs lose weight and live longer healthier lives!
  • Take away the loneliness their pet feels by sleeping overnight with them in the bed if they would like!
  • Sit by the hour in the home with a pet that just had surgery or has special needs and can’t be left alone to make sure they are safe.

Because we are passionate about the health and happiness of pet dogs, we build long lasting relationships with pets and their owners and dedicate everyday to enriching the lives of all the animals in our care.

Setting Up An Appointment


Before starting your service with us we will visit you at your house so that we can get to know you and be sure to offer your dog the most enriching  and healthy experience possible. We will make note of their fitness and energy level so that they will be placed with the appropriate walker or in the correct walking group.



While the health and safety of your pet is our primary focus, the safety of your home is just as important. All our walkers are Bonded and Insured and have undergone background checks. As an added security measure we never take your keys off your property instead you provide a lockbox for your key allowing it to remain on your property at all times.


Each time the walker arrives at your house they will log into a GPS tracking device which will track their time with your dog. During the walk they will take photos and write notes letting you know specifics about the walk. This will be emailed or texted to you at the walk's end when your dog is back home, happy refreshed and ready for a nap. 


Thank you to our client's for voting us: "Pasadena Weekly's Best Pet Service 2015" and "Pasadena Weekly's Reader Recommended 2016 and 2017". 

Every day we strive to live up to this achievement.

Thank you to everyone who is part of the My Dog Spot family.


Private One-on-One Walks

30 MINUTES | $25 

45 MINUTES | $30 

60 MINUTES | $35 

*No extra charge for 2 dogs.

$5 extra for each additional dog after 2.

Our private walks are perfect for those dogs that need a break to stretch their legs, get some good sniffs in and enjoy some fresh air during the day. We love throwing ball or playing chase and always make sure that our walks are a good combination of sniff time and power walking to ensure your dog's physical and mental needs are being met. These are private one-on-one walks with the walker and only includes dogs from the same family.

Dog Park Adventures


1.5-2 HOURS  | $35

*Max. of 4-6 dogs per trip

Dogs love to run and jump and play ball and socialize with each other. As pet parents, we get busy and we forget that our dogs need "play-dates" of their own! My Dog Spot's dog park adventures are the perfect fix for a bored, lonely dog. These groups are managed by our professional, trained dog walkers and are a safe, controlled, fantastic play time for your furry friend. All dog-friendly, spayed/neutered, non-reactive, healthy dogs are welcome! All dogs must be approved by a temperament test prior to going on an adventure. 


Group Walks



*Second dog $15

Is your dog friendly? Does he/she love the company of other dogs? Do you have a group of dogs in the neighborhood that like to hang out together? Why not have them join our pack walk. These group walks allow your dogs to socialize in a controlled setting with one of our trained professional dog walkers.All dogs are positively reinforced for good calm behavior and your dog will return to you both physically and mentally stimulated. 


Nature Hikes 


*Max. of 4 dogs per trip

Reconnecting with the sights and smells of nature is fundamental for both humans and dogs. For city dogs, the chance to get out and explore some of the great walking trails we have right here in Pasadena is a must for their physical and mental well-being.

Book your dog on one of our fun-filled hikes up Eaton Canyon or along the Arroyo Secco and one of our trained dog walkers will pick them up for their pack adventure.

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At My Dog Spot our philosophy is that when you sign up with us for a walk, adventure or training you are joining a team of like-minded people that all pull together to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-balanced.



Lily Reiche

Founder and Operator

Lily has been working with animals professionally since she immigrated to the United States from South Africa in 2006. 
She has a certification from The Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training for completing The Dog Trainers Foundation Course and has attended seminars on Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Leash Reactivity and Dog Aggression, Calming Signals in Dogs and Dog-on-Dog Play.  She uses force-free, positive reinforcement clicker-training to encourage confidence and independent growth in these animals. 


Courtney Nelson

Dog Walker

Hey everyone! I’m Courtney I’m from Washington state where I lived with 7 dogs who were ALL part of the family. I came to Cali on a basketball scholarship at California baptist university. I’ve recently graduated with a business management degree but decided dogs are more fun than management. Walking dogs reminds me of home and family. I just love being outdoors and hiking. So I would love a chance to enjoy being outside and giving your dog time to enjoy it as well! 


Mennell Alkhawaja

Dog Walker

My name is Mennell and I have been working with a wide variety of animals my entire life. At a young age I took it upon myself to start my own dog walking business in my neighborhood as well as volunteer at 2 different shelters in my county. At one of which I adopted my childhood best friend and pup, Randy, whom I spent hours with daily, training. He was abused prior to my ownership so it was my first real task of rehabilitation at a very young age. I moved to LA about 7 years ago and have assisted many friends and neighbors with training their dogs.

Sarah Rivas

Dog Walker

Sarah has  a compassionate nature and a calm disposition which makes her a perfect fit for My Dog Spot. She has a great relationship with many of our senior dogs and has a way of allowing our more timid dogs come out of their shell and enjoy what it is like to be rambunctious and playful. Thanks Sarah.


Kathy Diaz

Dog Walker

Hi I'm Kathy. I have always loved animals, having grown up with them all my life. I admit that I am addicted to all the animal rescue and vet shows on TV. I am also a regular contributor to regional and national animal rescue groups. I am the proud mom of Lucy, a Chug (a Chihuahua-pug mix) and a cat, Dulce. I think that all of the dogs I walk are the cutest things ever, and I couldn't be happier than when they pee and poop. 
In addition to dog walking, I am also a freelance writer and long-time host of an Afro-Cuban music/salsa show on public radio.

I normally don’t write online reviews, but I am so impressed with My Dog Spot, and so grateful for their willingness to work with my 18 year old very quirky terrier mix, that I couldn’t resist. Lily is the ultimate professional and a perfect mixture of competence, knowledge, passion for animals and kindness for dogs and their humans
Thank goodness for My Dog Spot! It’s very difficult to find a dog walking/sitting service with people as patient and caring as the ladies at My Dog Spot. (I’ve had bad experiences with a couple of other dog-walking businesses where I live in Pasadena, including one that involved a life-threatening incident.) I know My Dog Spot is a service I can trust because Lily is the owner and she is as conscientious as they come. A true dog lover who knows how to hire good people and run an efficient business, which is not an easy task.
— Kim Nakata - Melvin and Nina
There isn’t enough room to type all of the wonderful things I have to say about My Dog Spot. Lily and her team are incredible to deal with. As most of you can relate, our dogs are our children, so when you decide to take on a dog walker it’s not always easy to let go. My Dog Spot is not just a service, but a family. Each walker treats my dog like it was their own. They give her so much love, lots of treats, and enforce great training techniques on their walks.
— Julie Madeiros - Rue
I can’t say enough good things about Lily and her team. I am one of those owners who thinks of their dogs as children and expect them to be treated as such. We’ve been with Lily for a few years now and she has always been reliable, professional and kind hearted. I know my girls are in good, safe hands while I’m at work. I’ve been through several walkers and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my girls.
— Mandy Glasser - Lucy and Ruby

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