Thank you to our client's for voting us:

"Pasadena Weekly's Best Pet Service 2015" and

"Pasadena Weekly's Reader Recommended 2016".

Every day we strive to live up to this achievement.

Thank you to everyone who is part of the My Dog Spot family.


My Dog Spot provides outstanding dog walking and pet sitting services! My bichon-poodle mix, Ruben, adores Lily (the business owner) and Grayson (his primary walker). Ruben's walks with them are the absolute highlights of his day, and we have come to trust this company implicitly. 

We consider My Dog Spot to be an extended family, whom we have been able to rely upon to keep a close eye on Ruben's health, potty habits, and sneaky ways, (including keeping a very close eye on food scraps and litter, which Ruben can gobble up in a flash if not closely supervised :-)) We simply love reading Grayson's reports of the walks, which capture Ruben's spirit and go far beyond perfunctory reports, bringing a smile to our faces every time. Grayson's energy is very calm and gentle which is a perfect match for Ruben who tends to lose his mind with excitement when it's time to go outside!

Lily has worked with Ruben on several obedience issues we've had and it has completely transformed his behavior on walks. Most importantly of which, he no longer tries to bolt in to traffic at crosswalks, which was a real source of anxiety for me. She has tremendous breadth of knowledge with dog training, sincerely cares about her clients, and has a deep love for all animals. We are so grateful to My Dog Spot for looking after our beloved Ruben as one of their own.


I normally don't write online reviews, but I am so impressed with My Dog Spot, and so grateful for their willingness to work with my 18 year old very quirky terrier mix, that I couldn't resist.  Lily is the ultimate professional and a perfect mixture of competence, knowledge, passion for animals and kindness for dogs and their humans.  Katy is our walker, and I couldn't be happier with her ability to adapt to my little dog's unique character and her patience with his delightfully odd and sometimes stubborn ways. Her observational skills are excellent and she is highly reliable.  Lily has also gone out of her way to identify resources to help with my dog's behavioral issues--she knows the dog training field and local dog training community well, and her philosophy reveals a deep understanding of canine character and the bond between humans and dogs.  Finally, from a business practice point of view, Lily works to make interactions and transactions easy and fair--such a breath of fresh air! I am grateful and happy and can't recommend My Dog Spot higher.


My husband and I recently completed Lily's six-week "Foundation Course" in obedience training with our puppy, now 16 weeks old. We enthusiastically recommend Lily and My Dog Spot for all your dog training needs!

When we brought our clever and spirited GSD/mix puppy home at 9 weeks of age, it was already clear that he would need a solid foundation in training right away to stimulate him and harness his puppy energy! After working with Lily's holistic program in positive reinforcement (clicker) training, our puppy now knows to focus when he hears his name, and understands essential cues such as sit, down, stay, target/touch, leave it/take it, and more. He is even working on some intermediate skills such as loose leash walking and recall already. Lily's program is very well-researched and structured, but she also demonstrated the flexibility and experience to assess our puppy on the fly in sessions and customized his training accordingly to play to his strength and skills, or address his undesirable behaviors as needed. She even helped us design a plan to integrate our puppy with our two resident cats. I am confident that our puppy will continue to grow up to be a well-balanced member of our family, thanks to Lily!

Not only does Lily have a special gift with those of the canine persuasion, she is a highly skilled and empathetic communicator across the board. Her informed advice on a variety of dog-related topics is always prompt, thoughtful, and actionable. Her balanced perspective offers welcome reassurance and counterpoint to the extreme and often alarming points of view that can be readily found online, or even at your vet's office. We have learned so much along with our puppy, which I believe will be the key to his future success because it means that we will continue to learn and grow together. After working with Lily, I have a much stronger understanding of my dogs skills and behaviors, and how he communicates. This in turn helps me to shape my own attitude, communication patterns, and expectations in such a way to help set my puppy up for optimal success. 

My Dog Spot offers comprehensive services at very reasonable and competitive prices. In my book, the fact that they offer private training sessions in-home really gives them an edge when it comes to training a puppy, because it means you can safely begin training and socializing during the important developmental window that occurs between 3-12 weeks of age, often before your puppy's first vaccination schedule is completed. 

We look forward to exploring the other pet services provided by My Dog Spot, such as dog-walking and dog-sitting, as our puppy grows. Thanks, Lily!


We started using Lily's dog walking service this summer for our dogs, and we can't be any happier.  Both of us work, so we needed someone to check in on our two dogs during the day five times a week.  We were a little worried since we've never had a dog walker.  Lily came over to meet the dogs and to learn our routine.  Based on our schedule, she recommended two 30-min walks daily.  In the beginning, Lily walked them herself to get to know them and their quirky ways.  She noticed that our naughty one-year old Bonnie was still pulling a lot on the leash and being reactive to other dogs, so she tried a variety of different harnesses as well as clicker training.  What a deal, dog walking plus dog training in one!  Once Bonnie got better, Lily turned the dogs over to her walkers, but she did this only after she felt she knew our dogs really well and felt that the dogs were ready.  Even so, once in a while she still drops in to make sure the walks are going OK.  Like the other day, when Bonnie needed remedial clicker training for her walks.

One of the best things about the service is the email updates from Lily and her walkers.  After each walk, we get a report of a start and end time, a GPS map of where they actually went, and a short message about how the dogs did--sniffing, saying hello to a mailman, chasing lizards, etc etc.  Sometimes even a photo!  It really makes you feel as if you were on the walk with them.

We highly recommend Lily because she is dependable and so responsive--to texts and email.  She keeps a close eye on her walkers and our dogs.  We love it that we don't have to worry about our furry babies when we are at work.


I knew Lily from My Dog Spot was a good fit for my dog situation just from her response to my Thumbtack post.  She was the only respondent that specifically addressed the issues I was having with my two dogs and she had a plan. 

I have two small dogs that I adopted at the same time from a shelter and one of the dogs has started to show aggression in the from of nipping at people's clothes.

Lily explained that both dogs have anxiety and they show it in different ways.  She has been teaching me how to recognize their needs and how to address them.  

Within two visits I could already see improvement.  We have now met 9 times (in a little more than two weeks) and my two dogs have significantly less anxiety.  They have been doing better on walks when we encounter other people and other pets. They are also responding more calmly when people come to the door.  

I also like the structure of our sessions together.  We do a little bit of training and take a walk.  We have 30 minute sessions, and it's a good amount of time.  The dogs are tired after the session and take a long nap.

And Lily is well prepared.  She has brought extra leashes and harnesses and a variety of treats, she brings research.  She has also adapted techniques and treats to keep the dogs responding well.

I especially appreciate that she comes to our home.  She sees the things that make the dogs nervous and can address them as they happen.


ily is absolutely the best!! I met her when she worked at another company and came in for walks for our very old dog who has since gone to doggy heaven. The day we had to put her down we came home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Lily. That meant so much! Then when we got a new and wild puppy she was the first one I called. She gave us great tips on walking her and crate training. 

We regularly use My Dog Spot for overnight care. Katy who does the in home stay overs is wonderful. I can totally relax knowing she is there. Lily and Katy also check in on our cantankerous cat too. So many times Lily is able to accommodate walks and overnights at the last minute. I can tell how great she and Katy are because Myrtle goes into a frenzy of happiness when she sees them.


Lily and My Dog Spot provide professional, high quality, reliable, and drama free pet care services at an excellent price. There are several aspects of working with them that I especially value, and I think distinguish them from other superficially-similar services.

(1) They are highly knowledgable about dogs. Lily cares deeply about dogs, and has a great deal of expertise in dog care. Every dog walker claims this, but many are holding onto old and discredited ideas about how to manage animals that can do more harm than good. Lily is the real deal, and trains her walkers to be as well. I often solicit her advice when behavioral issues arise and trust it completely.

(2) They are extremely flexible and accommodating. Many pet care providers are rather rigid about schedules and last minute changes, and treat you as if providing paid pet care services are a favor. Not so with My Dog Spot. Lily and her team recommended a set of services tailored to our dog's needs and our busy professional schedules that are now indispensable to us. And they also go beyond the call of duty in accommodating last minute changes and additions when they inevitably arise. Your pet's welfare is their top priority.

(3) They are attentive and communicative. Whenever any sort of question arises, they reach out and ask rather than simply make a decision on the basis of convenience. And they pay attention to changes in your pet's behavior that might be a cause for concern and communicate them promptly. This has helped us catch a number of health issues early that might have otherwise escaped our attention before getting worse.

Overall I couldn't imagine being happier with their services, and recommend them unequivocally to any pet lover!