Kat Kerwin

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Kat is an animal advocate in every way. When she's not at My Dog Spot she's supervising LA's one and only Dog Cafe, in Silverlake. She is assists in the foster/adoption process of all the dogs at the cafe and is responsible for their health, well-being and general socialization. In her spare time she runs her own dog bakery: "Game of Bones Dog Treats" and researches, prepares and delivers nutritious, healthy treats to pet owners. 

Jennifer Gonzalez

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Jennifer is a professional dog groomer and mom to a dog, a cat, a California King snake, three rats and a beta fish. Her capacity for kindness and attention to detail make her a very valuable member of My Dog Spot. She is currently studying for an associates degree at Pierce College with the intention of becoming an animal control officer or working in rescue. 


Armando Bastidas

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Armando is a seasoned dog walker hailing from Chicago. He has an extensive knowledge of dog behavior and works intimately with our packs. Thinking of signing up for a group walk or nature hike? He'll be your guy. Armando writes screenplays when he's not hiking/pet sitting or urban sledding with our My Dog Spot furry friends.  


Lily Reiche

Founder and Operator

Lily has been working with animals professionally since she immigrated to the United States from South Africa in 2006. 
She has a certification from The Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training for completing The Dog Trainers Foundation Course and has attended seminars on Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Leash Reactivity and Dog Aggression, Calming Signals in Dogs and Dog-on-Dog Play.  She works predominantly with anxious, fear-reactive or aggressive dogs and uses force-free, positive reinforcement clicker-training to encourage confidence and independent growth in these animals. 
She is very fond of animals in their golden years and has provided extended hospice care for ailing dogs and cats on numerous occasions. 
Lily is always excited to learn how she can be of service to new animals and their parents and is constantly striving to build and strengthen the relationship between owners and their pets.