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Our private dog walks are perfect for those dogs that need a break to stretch their legs, get some good sniffs in and enjoy some fresh air during the day. Our visits can include throwing a ball or playing chase and we always make sure that our walks are a good combination of sniff time and exercise walking to ensure your dog’s physical and mental needs are being met. These are private one-on-one visits with the walker and only include dogs from the same family.

30 min: $25.00| 60 min: $40.00


Puppies are beautiful, crazy, overwhelming, funny, cute, monsters!

Need a little help with your puppy?

We work hand in hand with you to help keep your pup on a successful potty training schedule. During our visit time we help reinforce basic training that you are receiving from your trainer to help both you and your pup develop successful positive communication from the start.

Single visit: 30 min: $25.00
Two visits/day: 30min: $23.00 ea.
Three visits daily: $21.00 ea.


Our running service is a great activity for active, energetic dogs that need that little something extra in their day. Creating a consistent running schedule for your pup is like going to the gym regularly. It builds a fit, healthy dog that is both physically and mentally stimulated. Our professional runner will develop your dog’s stamina, endurance and physical strength over time going at your dog’s own pace and capability.

30 min: $30.00| 60 min: $45.00


Reconnecting with the sights and smells of nature is such an important exercise for both humans and dogs. For city dogs, the chance to get out and explore some of the great walking trails we have right here in Pasadena is a must for their physical and mental well-being.

Book your dog on one of our fun-filled hikes up Eaton Canyon or along the Arroyo Secco and one of our trained dog walkers will pick them up for their pack adventure.

90 – 120 min  $45.00


My Dog Spot’s Private dog park adventures are tailored for dogs that need a little extra supervision during playtime.

These groups are managed by our professional, trained dog handlers and are a safe, controlled, fantastic playtime for your furry friend.

All dogs do need to participate in a trial period so that we can best determine which group and with which friends to pair them.

90 – 120 min $45.00


My Dog Spot provides both in-home and virtual dog training or behavior modification for most problem behaviors.

If your dog requires walk training for the following behaviors: leash reactivity, excessive pulling, lunging and barking on leash etc we require you to purchase a two week walk-and-train package before continuing with regular walks.

For pricing options see service page  



My Dog Spot is not a boarding facility, day care or pet store so we do not have a physical location. We have a virtual office, by which we take care of all your administrative needs, and an in-the-field team that takes care of your pets.

Our administrative office hours are listed below.

If you call or email after our office hours we will reach out the next business day.

Mon – Fri: 8.00am – 6.30pm
Sat -Sun: CLOSED
(we are in the field)

Why My Dog Spot?

Quite simply because we truly care.


We are a small group of bonded, insured and professionally trained pet care experts.

Our primary goal as a company, is to build a meaningful, long lasting relationship with both you and your pet so that we know and understand what is best for your pet at all times and in all circumstances.
We know that every pet has unique needs. No two dogs or cats are the same. For this reason we customize our service packages to ensure that each pet is receiving the most rejuvenating, rewarding and healthy experience possible when they are with us.
We help energetic dogs get the exercise and release they need by providing routine walks, dog runs or nature hikes.

We assist new puppy parents who need help with potty training care, scheduled feedings, and leash training.

The senior dogs in our community benefit from our specialists who offer them love, compassion, light exercise, and potty breaks.
We aim to provide you with an elite experience that offers much more than just a regular dog walk and we guarantee that you will see the benefits of our involvement with your pet long after our session has ended.








Yes, it is still safe and we would recommend trying to keep your dog on its regular schedule as much as possible. This will reduce any anxiety and stress that your dog may begin to feel during this period of isolation.

Safety and cleanliness have always been a top priority at My Dog Spot.


It is our ongoing policy to wash hands and use sanitizer between each visit. In addition to these ordinary precautions our walkers will now wear a new pair of sanitary gloves for each appointment.  


At pick up and drop off, we will use our own leashes to walk or transport your pups so that your leashes are not handled by anyone other than you and when returning your dog, we will make sure that your dog has been wiped down from head to tail including all four paws.

For more information on your pet and COVID-19 read our current blog: A Pet Parent's Guide to Managing COVID-19 and Social Isolation

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