Does your Pasadena dog become anxious at Halloween? Here’s some tips on how to keep them calm.

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for us. What could be better or more exciting than dressing up in costume and eating enormous mounds of candy. For the entire month of October we decorate our yards and homes with the most macabre and frightful scenes we can think of in an effort to out-do our neighbors and friends.


As much as we want our pets to be the cutest dog or cat out there did you know that Halloween is the second most frightening night of the year for your pets, July 4th being the first.

Sometimes we forget that these strange creatures inhabiting the front yards while on their daily walks may actually be really frightening for our dogs. Not only this, but on the eve of Halloween when we’re all dressed up and the doorbell is ringing non stop our dogs might be experiencing a lot of stress.


  • One of the best things you can do for your dog is to leave them at home when you go out trick or treating. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • If you’re staying at home and handing out candy keep your dog away from the door where strangers acting erratically dressed in strange costumes will be coming and going.
  • Set your dog up in a comfortable safe place in another room where they can be away from all the noise and commotion.
  • Turn on the TV or radio to detract from the outside noise. Dog TV is always a great idea to keep dogs occupied.
  • Give them something interesting to chew on such as a bully stick or interactive toy like a Kong to keep their mind occupied while you are busy.
  • Spray a little lavender oil on a bandana and place this around your dog’s neck to help soothe and calm them.
  • If your dog is exhibiting more than mild anxiety you may want to use a Thundershirt. The Thundershirt wraps around your pet’s torso and creates a sensation like a constant hug.
  • If you dog does not appreciate being secluded keep him behind a gate or on leash instead.
  • Do not allow strangers especially little children in costume approach your dog. Your dog will already be on edge because of the unfamiliar and unusual situation and even the most socialized and confident dogs can be frightened into reacting when in these situations.
  • Be aware that your dog may not necessarily recognize you if you are dressed in costume. You will smell the same but not necessarily move and look the same. Be sensitive when reaching out to your dog or expecting them to respond to you in a normal manner.
  • Using some really tasty treats when introducing your dog to your halloween costume can help change a frightening association and experience into a positive and happy one.


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