When Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog?

When you get a new puppy one of the first things you have to consider is if and when you’re going to get your puppy spayed or neutered. Usually, the shelter, breeder or pet store will let you know about what vaccinations they have had, if any and also give you a referral to a vet that will help you continue their care. And according to veterinarians, there are specific times to spay or neuter your pets for optimal health benefits. So, when is the best time to consider neutering/spaying your pet? Well, we did some research and we have the answers you are looking for.

In general, both male and female dogs should be spayed or neutered between 6-12 months of age.

Females: This range can change depending on the dog’s size, breed and family history. Also, if they are at a higher risk of an early unwanted pregnancy, your vet may recommend getting spayed earlier. Also, in general smaller females should be spayed around 6 months of age while larger dogs may need to be a little older.

Males: Larger male dogs should be neutered around a year of age unless they are likely to cause an unwanted pregnancy or develop aggression problems.

Benefits of spaying and neutering your dog:


It helps fight cancer and illness in both males and females: In females spaying can assist in preventing uterine infections, breast cancer and testicular cancer. Sadly, breast cancer is fatal in about 50% of dogs and 90% of cats.When you spay your pet before their first heat you give them the best protection from these diseases.

Males will be less likely to roam and have better behavior: Neutered dogs are less like to leave home looking for a mate. Some dogs will stop at nothing to escape to try and find a mate. Also, both male dogs and cats will be much more well behaved. It helps avoid aggression problems and helps them focus on their family instead of marking new territory.

Females won’t go into heat: This means no doggy diapers for when she goes into heat. Female dogs can go into heat as frequently as every four months or as little as every 12-16 month. While some dogs bleed so little it’s hard to even notice others will need diapers during this time to keep your carpets clean.

It helps control the pet population: Shelters all over the U.S. are at maximum capacity and sadly this means that too many pets are being euthanized. In fact, about 2.7 million animals are euthanized every year. When you prevent unwanted litters you decrease the amount of pets that end up in shelters.

Spaying and neutering your pets is important for their health, your sanity and also for the community. So, as they get close to 6 months of age, make sure to contact your vet or local animal control center to find out about services.



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  1. Callie Marie

    I like that you explained that female dogs should get spayed around 6-12 months depending on their breed and size. My new puppy is a beagle, so she is a medium-sized dog. I should find a local vet to ask what time would be best to bring her in to be spayed.


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