Top Questions To Ask Your Vet About Your Dog

It’s important to keep our pets healthy. One of the best ways to make sure that they stay healthy is by taking them to the vet. And what is even more important to their care is asking your veterinarian the right questions.


Top Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Dog


Is my dog’s weight healthy?

For some reason, people tend to love fat pets. Even though they can be pretty cute in theory, in reality, it is not a good look. Obese pets are more likely to have arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. That’s why it is key for you to check with your vet to make sure your dog isn’t getting too fat.


What is the best food for them?

A good follow up question to weight is to ask your vet is about their diet. A dog’s dietary needs tend to change as they get older. Plus, sometimes the food we think is great is actually full of hidden fillers like corn or wheat. Talk to your vet about their diet to make sure that your dog is getting all the proper nutrition every day.


Are my dog’s shots up to date?

All dogs will need at least one or two shots a year. At the very least most states require a rabies vaccination. But if you frequent parks, have doggy dates or need to board your dog occasionally then your dog will need other vaccinations and boosters. These will fight against things like distemper and kennel cough, keeping your pet healthy.


Is this a normal behavior?

Sometimes dogs do quirky things. They may just be naturally silly or playful, leaving you scratching your head and giggling at the same time. However, sometimes their behavior can be concerning. Express any concerns you have about the odd things that your dog does. All of these little behaviors can help your vet determine if any part of their health is declining.


How is my dog’s dental health?

Periodontal disease is a real threat to our dog’s health. An estimated 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have some degree of dental disease. When this is left untreated they can suffer from other complications with vital organs such as their liver, kidney, and heart. Have your vet check your dog’s gums to determine if they need a cleaning. Just like with our own dental health, prevention is easier than trying to do damage control.


What flea and tick medication should we be using?

All dogs need flea and tick prevention. More than just itchy skin, they can transmit deadly diseases. However, navigating the products can be a little tricky. There are tons of different options to protect your pet. Certain factors, such as your pet’s age and weight, plus the area in which you live can change what prevention medication is best for your pet. Your vet will help you narrow it down so that you know your dog is getting the best care.

Going to the vet can be pretty hectic. With the car ride and all the sights, smells, and sounds at the office, you’re usually preoccupied with making sure your dog is well-behaved and feeling safe. That’s why having these questions prepared ahead of time is a such a good idea. Make a few notes and take it in with you. Your vet and your dog will thank you!



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