Best Pet Rescues in Los Angeles

Highlighting the Top Three Rescues in the Los Angeles Area


Are you in the market for a new furry friend this month? Then take note!  

We’re about to provide you with three of our favorite local rescues and give you a little insight into the world of pet adoption, how it works, and what to expect when thinking about rescue.

Let’s dive in!


Why Should I Rescue?

According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million pets are released into the care of animal shelters and rescues in the United States per year.

The good news is that the number is dropping based on data taken from studies in 2011 when 7.2 million pets wound up in shelters nationwide.

How can you help keep that number on the decline? Join the movement!

There are tons of perks to rescuing. For one thing, rescuing is a whole lot cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder or pet store.

But most importantly, rescuing saves lives.

When you adopt a dog or cat from a shelter, you are freeing up space in that shelter for other companion animals in need. You are also reducing the number of adoptable pets who are unnecessarily euthanized daily due to overcrowding.

Best of all, you are participating in the annihilation of puppy mills by not contributing to the demand for puppies to be sold in pet stores, by backyard breeders, or by online sellers just looking to make a quick buck.

Knowing all this hopefully you are now ready to adopt so let’s talk about some of the best shelters in the Los Angeles area!


The Pasadena Humane Society

The Pasadena Humane Society is often the first stop for those looking to adopt a pet in the Los Angeles area.

And while the Pasadena Humane Society is famous for its charity work and dog rescue, it also offers a ton of awesome services, including

-Pet Adoptions

-Pet Rescue

-Low-Cost Spaying and Neutering

-Community Education on Proper Animal Care

-Boarding, Training, and Behavioral Advice

Currently, the Pasadena Humane Society boasts a 90% adoption rate for both its dogs and cats, and proudly takes on any animal in need regardless of health, behavior, breed, or age.

Furthermore, every animal that enters through their doors undergoes health and behavioral exams to ensure it is adoptable and healthy.  

Click here to visit the Pasadena Humane Society’s website.


The Dog Café

Doggos and espressos anyone?

Coffee and dog lovers unite! The Dog Café offers all of your favorite caffeinated treats with a bonus – DOGS.

Grab a booth or sit on the floor, or simply mingle with the four-legged regulars. In fact, take your favorite four-legged regular home with you!

This is a rescue, after all!

The best part is if you can’t afford pets or your landlord doesn’t allow them (rude) then this is a place for you to go and just get your fix.

It’s great for the dogs too, helping them to socialize and learn how to love and be loved so they are totally prepared for their forever home when the time comes.

Are you as eager as we are to get your next coffee at The Dog Café? Then visit their website here!


The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Similar to the Pasadena Humane Society, the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is a non-profit shelter that has been caring for animals for over 90 years.

They offer low price adoption fees and affordable medical care and vet visits. They are also close-knit with their community.

The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is an excellent go-to if you are in the market for a new pet.

All of their pets undergo health exams and behavioral tests and can be matched up with the right owner based on needs and personality.

In fact, the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society has such a great report that their customers often return for more!

If you would like to support, adopt, or learn about affordable medical care options, visit the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society’s website here.


What to Expect When Rescuing

For the most part, rescuing a dog is as simple and often cheaper than buying one from a breeder or any other outside source.

And the dogs are just as cute and grateful for the new home!

Still, dogs are sensitive, and change can be hard. It’s important to be patient with your new rescue.

If your dog seems timid or shy, or even hyper and unruly in his first few weeks home, try and be patient. Allow him time to come out of his shell and adjust to his new environment.

You may not always know your dog’s past, and it’s important to keep that in mind. It might take some time for him to realize you are his new home, and that he is safe and loved where he is.


How Can My Dog Spot Help Your Rescue Dog Adjust to His or Her New Home?

Hiring a pet care company like My Dog Spot can help your new rescue adjust in many ways. We offer support by providing

-Pet stop-ins


-Leash training

-Reactive dog assistance

-Potty training assistance

-Dog running which reduces stress and separation anxiety

-Dog walks which help promote both physical and mental well-being

-Communication and training advice for new owners

If you are rescuing and would like more information about how My Dog Spot can help make the experience easier for you and your new rescue dog, visit us at



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