Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Pasadena

A Helpful Guide to Local Hiking with Your Pooch



If you have an adventurous spirit, love to be outside, and want to find the best hiking trails for you and your four-legged friend to explore, then My Dog Spot has you covered!


But before we dive into the best dog-friendly hiking trails in Pasadena, let’s briefly go over some safety measures we recommend taking when hiking with your pup.


Hiking with Your Dog – Safety First!


Pasadena is teeming with fabulous hiking trails. The sights, the sounds, the wildlife!


And speaking of wildlife, it’s important to remember that when you and your dog are embarking on a hike, you are sharing the trail with wild animals.


Bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and coyotes are frequently seen on the trails listed below, so it’s important to hike with that in mind.


Experts recommend keeping a watchful eye on your dog at all times during your hike, and of course, it is always safest to keep your dog on a leash.


My Dog Spot also suggests hiking with safety gear and other essentials including:


  • Extra water for both you and your pooch
  • A safety whistle
  • Mace or bear spray
  • A human-friendly first aid kit
  • A dog-friendly first aid kit
  • Your fully charged cell phone
  • A Flashlight


And with that in mind, let’s move on to some of the best dog-friendly hiking trails in Pasadena, beginning with Bailey Canyon!


Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park


Nestled in the foothills of beautiful Sierra Madre, Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park is easy to find, handicap accessible, and great for all things outdoors.


Pack a picnic and grab Fido’s leash, because this hiking spot has it all. Explore countless trails and experience the abundance of plant and wildlife in the area.


If you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon Bailey Canyon’s gorgeous waterfall! However, it is important to note that this waterfall is sometimes dry, so your best bet to catch a glimpse of it will be after a rainy day.


Bailey Canyon is a great hiking spot for the whole family.


It has loads of parking and the terrain is challenging enough to keep you, your family, and your dog interested without being too difficult for the kiddos or an inexperienced hiker.


Eaton Canyon Nature Center


Eaton Canyon is another wonderful trail with a gorgeous waterfall, although fellow hikers recommend going right after a rainstorm if you want to see the stunning sight.


There are numerous trails to choose from so you and your doggo will never be bored.


However, while this park is super dog-friendly and beautiful, the trails can get pretty narrow and sometimes steep.


Lower Arroyo Park


Hikers love Arroyo Park for its stunning views and historic archery range.


However, most hiking enthusiasts enjoy the park for its spectacular dog-friendly trails. This is a great spot to run with your dog, hop on your bike, or just go for a simple stroll.


This is also an excellent hiking choice for families as the trails are not too difficult or steep.


Many past hikers recommend taking this trek just before sunset when the scenery really shines!


Brookside Park


Brookside Park mixes family fun with outdoor adventure!


Equipped with a fabulous pirate-themed playground, tons of picnic tables, and green space to run and play, the entrance of this park is sure to catch your eye.


But the real hidden gem is the hiking hill, where a gorgeous trail will lead you and your pooch through a tunnel of trees, greenery, and wildlife.


Great for the whole family, Brookside Park is perfect for the experienced hiker who just wants to enjoy an easy trek. It is also the perfect place for the novice hikers in your life, smaller dogs, small children, and those who are new to the hiking experience.


Henninger Trailhead


Henninger Trailhead is an excellent hiking choice for those really looking for an adventure! Make it an all-day trek with one of the longer trails and enjoy picnics and sack lunches along the way.


Choose your trails wisely as some are great for families and others can be pretty steep.


This is a great hiking spot for the experienced hiker and his or her doggo counterpart to go exploring. Don’t forget to look for the waterfall!


The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail


The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail is nearly four miles of stunning panoramic views, gorgeous, rocky surfaces, and unique terrain.


We recommend this trail for moderate to experienced hikers, although novice hikers may also find it enjoyable.


Some past hikers warn that the trail can become long for those who are not used to hiking, but it is dog-friendly and a great trail for exercising, biking, and hiking with friends, family, and of course your pup.


Hahamonhna Watershed Park


We love Hahamonhna Watershed Park for its plentiful wildlife and beautiful views. There are also plenty of trails to pick from and lots of dogs and dog-friendly owners!


Of course, we always suggest you keep your pup on a leash, but we especially recommend it for this trail as there are a number of horseback riders going to and from.


This is a delightful hike to take the whole family on, including your four-legged friend. You can also bike, run, and jog as the terrane is not too steep.


Arlington Garden


A sanctuary just off the road, Arlington Garden is not so much a hiking trail as it is an easy, artsy adventure.


Unique and natural artwork greet you at every turn, from the wishing tree to the fountains, to the winding stone labyrinth in the center.


Your family and your dog will love following the twisting trails through this beautiful garden and exploring the magic and wonder within.


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