New Cat Checklist

Preparing to adopt a new cat or kitten is an exciting time for any pet parent but it can also be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what your new cat needs to thrive in your home.

Don’t worry, our cat and dog experts at My Dog Spot are here to help. We understand how important it is for you to make your home a place where your new cat will feel welcome and safe. That is why we’ve compiled a checklist of must-haves for new cat parents like you.

Let’s get started.


A Cat Crate or Cat Carrier

Your new cat or kitten is going to need a way to get around and cats don’t always take well to car rides.

Most cats and kittens tend to feel safest in cat carriers that are just big enough for them to stand up, turn around, and lay down in.

Finding a good quality cat carrier is important because you will likely need a carrier during most instances of travel whether you are visiting the vet, going on a road trip, or traveling by plane.

Make sure your cat’s carrier is well ventilated and secure so no matter where you take your cat he feels safe, comfortable and protected.


A Cat Collar and ID Tags

As you may have noticed, not all cat owners have their cats wear collars and ID tags every day. We feel that these items are important to have on hand and we also recommend that you have your cat wear his collar and ID tags during travel in case he is ever separated from you.

Both indoor and outdoor cats can wear cat collars and ID tags. The most important information to have on your cat’s ID tag is your cat’s name, your address, and a current phone number where you can be reached.

We should also note that cat collars are made differently than dog collars. Many of them come with easy-release clips which help provide extra safety for cats who like to climb, hide, and pounce.


Quality Cat or Kitten Food

Your cat’s diet plays a large role in his overall health. Investing in a high-quality cat or kitten food can help increase your cat’s lifespan, physical health, emotional well-being, and even his physical appearance.

Cats need particular nutrients in their diets and cats of different ages and lifestyles may require certain supplements.

Ask your veterinarian if you aren’t sure what kind of cat food your cat should eat.


Food and Water Bowls

All that tasty cat chow is going to need to go somewhere, right? This is where your cat’s food and water bowls come in.

Our favorite cat bowls are made of glass or stainless steel as they are easier to clean and don’t absorb bacteria as easily. Dishwasher safe ceramic bowls are also a great choice.

Remember to wash your cat’s food bowls every day after meals and keep their water bowl filled with fresh, cool water at every meal.

We also suggest buying more than one set of bowls for your cat to have on hand. We recommend leaving two or more bowls of fresh water out for your cat in some of his favorite places.


Properly Sized Litter Box and Quality Litter

Cats are naturally clean animals and are typically easy to train when it comes to using a litter box. However, if you don’t have the right sized litter box you may find that your cat will be uncomfortable and not use it.

The properly sized litter box will be about one and a half times the size of your cat. If the litter box is too small your cat may avoid using it and may instead choose to use other places in your home to leave stinky surprises.

You’ll also want to stock up on kitty litter. There are a number of different brands and price ranges when it comes to litter so we suggest you do some research and ask around for the best value and product for you.


Cozy Cat Bed

Cats love to nap. Help your cat feel at home by providing them with a cozy cat bed to snuggle up in.

Keep in mind that cats like to feel safe. Our favorite cat beds are soft, plush, and den- like. Beds like these are places where your cat can snooze feeling covered and protected.

You can even invest in padded cat shelves or lifted beds as cats also enjoy being up high and tend to feel safest when they can look down over their domain.


A Variety of Cat Toys and A Cat Tree or Two

Like all pets, cats need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Outdoor cats tend to get their exercise naturally by climbing trees, exploring the neighborhood, and hunting mice and birds.

Indoor cats need a bit more commitment when it comes to providing them with exercise and mental stimulation which is why a variety of quality cat toys is a must.

Your cat will enjoy toys that move and peak his natural instincts to chase, climb, and pounce.

A cat tree will also help to keep your cat active and mentally stimulated by providing him with something to play and climb on.

Scratching Posts

Providing your cat with a scratching post is an absolute must especially if you value your furniture. Scratching is a natural part of being a cat and it’s something that helps keep your cat’s claws and body healthy.

You can help your cat relieve his natural instinct to scratch and also protect your furniture by providing your cat with some good old-fashioned scratching posts.

Other Ways to Help Your Kitty Feel at Home

Many first-time cat owners mistakenly assume that cats require much less time and commitment than dogs.

And while it is true that cats tend to be more independent than their canine counterparts, they still need plenty of time and attention, exercise, mental stimulation and physical affection.

Luckily, there are a number of local pet care companies who specialize in cat care and can help busy pet parents keep their cats’ living their best and happiest lives.

Are you a busy cat parent in Pasadena or its surrounding areas? My Dog Spot is here to help. We provide professional services to pet parents in need and are more than thrilled to offer our expertise and support.

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