At My Dog Spot our philosophy is that when you sign up with us for a walk, adventure or training you are joining a team of like-minded people that all pull together to keep your dog happy, healthy and well-balanced.


Courtney Nelson

Dog Walker

Hey everyone! I’m Courtney I’m from Washington state where I lived with 7 dogs who were ALL part of the family. I came to Cali on a basketball scholarship at California baptist university. I’ve recently graduated with a business management degree but decided dogs are more fun than management. Walking dogs reminds me of home and family. I just love being outdoors and hiking. So I would love a chance to enjoy being outside and giving your dog time to enjoy it as well! 



Sarah Rivas

Dog Walker

Sarah has  a compassionate nature and a calm disposition which makes her a perfect fit for My Dog Spot. She has a great relationship with many of our senior dogs and has a way of allowing our more timid dogs come out of their shell and enjoy what it is like to be rambunctious and playful. Thanks Sarah.

Kat Kerwin

Dog Walker

Kat is an animal advocate in every way. When she's not at My Dog Spot she's supervising LA's one and only Dog Cafe, in Silverlake. She is assists in the foster/adoption process of all the dogs at the cafe and is responsible for their health, well-being and general socialization. In her spare time she runs her own dog bakery: "Game of Bones Dog Treats" and researches, prepares and delivers nutritious, healthy treats to pet owners. 


Lily Reiche

Founder and Operator

Lily has been working with animals professionally since she immigrated to the United States from South Africa in 2006. 
She has a certification from The Karen Pryor Academy of Dog Training for completing The Dog Trainers Foundation Course and has attended seminars on Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Leash Reactivity and Dog Aggression, Calming Signals in Dogs and Dog-on-Dog Play.  She uses force-free, positive reinforcement clicker-training to encourage confidence and independent growth in these animals. 


Mennell Alkhawaja

Dog Walker

My name is Mennell and I have been working with a wide variety of animals my entire life. At a young age I took it upon myself to start my own dog walking business in my neighborhood as well as volunteer at 2 different shelters in my county. One of which I adopted my childhood best friend and pup, Randy, whom I spent hours with daily, training. He was abused prior to my ownership so it was my first real task of rehabilitation at a very young age. I moved to LA about 7 years ago and have assisted many friends and neighbors with training their dogs, whether they were new puppies or adopted adult pets. 



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