Thank you for your interest in becoming one of My Dog Spot’s team members.

My Dog Spot is an award winning pet care company located in Pasadena, California. 

We are looking for responsible, trustworthy, dog loving candidates to join our dynamic team.

Our company prides itself on having an extensive knowledge and understanding on dogs. We expect our team members to be truly interested in dogs and be willing to learn and apply new material while you are with us. 

You will be required to take monthly courses and to apply what you have learned in those courses to your field work.

We pride ourselves on being a group of kind, compassionate people and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to what we do. 

If you think you can contribute positively to this kind of work environment please take a moment and fill out our application form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Yes, it is still safe and we would recommend trying to keep your dog on its regular schedule as much as possible. This will reduce any anxiety and stress that your dog may begin to feel during this period of isolation.

Safety and cleanliness have always been a top priority at My Dog Spot.


It is our ongoing policy to wash hands and use sanitizer between each visit. In addition to these ordinary precautions our walkers will now wear a new pair of sanitary gloves for each appointment.  


At pick up and drop off, we will use our own leashes to walk or transport your pups so that your leashes are not handled by anyone other than you and when returning your dog, we will make sure that your dog has been wiped down from head to tail including all four paws.

For more information on your pet and COVID-19 read our current blog: A Pet Parent's Guide to Managing COVID-19 and Social Isolation

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