Our Services

We know that, just like us, no two pups or kitties have the same physical or mental needs.

Because of this what we have below is a simple guideline from which to determine services.

During our initial phone conversation or in our meet and greet with you we will discuss your pet’s needs in great detail. From there we will customize a personalized visit regime that will allow your dog to thrive and blossom while in our care.

Every client that signs up with us becomes a valued part of our My Dog Spot family. When you join our team we not only customize a service package specifically for your pup’s individual needs, but also monitor your pup closely as time goes on to ensure they are getting the best quality service or experience for their age/breed/activity levels.

For this reason we only accept clients that require regularly scheduled services with a minimum of two scheduled appointments per week.

Dog Walking

30min – $27.00
45min – $35.00
60min – $40.00

Chose from 30min, 45min, 60min walks in and around your neighborhood.

Walks can be combined with inside or outside playtime, light training or mentally stimulating games to tire out both the body and the brain.

Puppy Care

We are always so excited when we are privileged to have a new puppy join our team. We love being part of a puppy’s journey to becoming a good, well mannered part of society.

Nature Hikes

$50.00 (90min – 120min incl. travel)

Our nature hikes are a great way to treat your dog to some good tiring outdoor fun.

If you are interested in having your pup join one of our already established groups or just want to treat them to their own solo hike, we do need to plan these outings in advance so give us a shout and we can get the process started.

Cat Care

30min visit – $26.00
60min visit – $40.00

At My Dog Spot we understand that, despite their reputation, cats get lonely too. They need just as much mental and physical stimulation as a dog does and they especially need careful monitoring while their owners are away.

We love the cats in our My Dog Spot family and are always at the ready to step in and clean a litter box or prepare a delicious fish dinner.

In order to ensure that your cat remains healthy and safe while you are away, we will not visit cats any less than once every day while you are away

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