Private One-on-One Walks

30 MINUTES | $25 

45 MINUTES | $30 

60 MINUTES | $35 

*No extra charge for 2 dogs.

$5 extra for each additional dog after 2.

Our private walks are perfect for those dogs that need a break to stretch their legs, get some good sniffs in and enjoy some fresh air during the day. We love throwing ball or playing chase and always make sure that our walks are a good combination of sniff time and power walking to ensure your dog's physical and mental needs are being met. These are private one-on-one walks with the walker and only includes dogs from the same family.

Dog Park Adventures


1.5-2 HOURS  | $35

*Max. of 4-6 dogs per trip

Dogs love to run and jump and play ball and socialize with each other. As pet parents, we get busy and we forget that our dogs need "play-dates" of their own! My Dog Spot's dog park adventures are the perfect fix for a bored, lonely dog. These groups are managed by our professional, trained dog walkers and are a safe, controlled, fantastic play time for your furry friend. All dog-friendly, spayed/neutered, non-reactive, healthy dogs are welcome! All dogs must be approved by a temperament test prior to going on an adventure. 


Group Walks



*Second dog $15

Is your dog friendly? Does he/she love the company of other dogs? Do you have a group of dogs in the neighborhood that like to hang out together? Why not have them join our pack walk. These group walks allow your dogs to socialize in a controlled setting with one of our trained professional dog walkers.All dogs are positively reinforced for good calm behavior and your dog will return to you both physically and mentally stimulated. 


Nature Hikes 


*Max. of 4 dogs per trip

Reconnecting with the sights and smells of nature is fundamental for both humans and dogs. For city dogs, the chance to get out and explore some of the great walking trails we have right here in Pasadena is a must for their physical and mental well-being.

Book your dog on one of our fun-filled hikes up Eaton Canyon or along the Arroyo Secco and one of our trained dog walkers will pick them up for their pack adventure.

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